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About us

Restaurace Lavande – harmony of health and taste for gourmets, celiacs as well as vegetarians

Dear guests,

when we were opening restaurant Lavande for  you at Janackovo nabrezi – a beautiful place by the Vltava river, we wanted to bring you a bit of homemade cooking and homely atmosphere. Lavande is a restaurant with home cuisine and friendly atmosphere where the emphasis is placed on the quality of original materials and their processing. Our cooking does not use any preservatives and is based on high-quality ingredients. We focus on rather lighter dishes. The menu has its roots in recipes of French and Italian cuisine prepared in a modern version of gastronomy. The choice of offered dishes also considers celiacs and vegetarians so that all can eat here at one table without any restrictions.

Health is the first thing we keep in mind when we choose the beverages. We produce our own home-made lemonades and prefer drinks from those producers who have the same priorities.

We do not fry save for minor exceptions, we do not use the microwave oven and prefer gentler methods of meat preparation, such as baking, stewing and most of all the sous vide method.

We believe you will feel great at our place and we wish you (and us as well) would enjoy our meals!


Ivana Kovářová a Michal Kott

Lavande restaurant – Lidická 2, Praha 5, Anděl



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